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Things to ponder... and facts you should know!
What number do you call to schedule the ICC Permit Tech exam?
What is the exam ID and title?
14 Permit Technician
What other information is needed at the time you schedule your exam?
Your full name, address, social security number, home and work telephone numbers; selected date and location for the exam; your score report (if you are retaking the exam) and your credit card or payment information.
What study materials are available?
The KCMAPT library consists of one copy of each of the required books for the exam and 3 sets of flash cards.
Are sample exam questions available?
To get an idea of the style and format of questions on the actual exam, go to http://www.iccsafe.org/certification, click on examination outlines and sample questions, and scroll down to Permit Technician. Click there for detailed info and sample questions.

To download this informational handout including sample exam questions, click here.