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Chapter Websites
PermitTechNation (PTN)
PermitTechNation was founded by Permit Technicians from across the United States via networking through ICC and the Annual Conferences. The network of Permit Technicians has grown over the years and has encouraged further involvement. It all started with the Permit Tech Ad Hoc Committee and has grown into a community that supports, encourages and mentors each other.

Atlanta Metro Permit Technician Association (AMPTA)
We support Building Permit Technicians in their efforts to become qualified professionals of careers related to administration of building, land use and development regulations.

Building Permit Technicians of Central Ohio
The Permit Technicians' purpose is to educate, support and network those working in administrative staff positions of building code enforcement.

Colorado Association of Permit Technicians (CAPT)
The Colorado Association of Permit Technicians (CAPT) is dedicated to the improvement of building safety in areas relating to education, administration, interpretation and enforcement of the permitting and code process.

Minnesota Building Permit Technicians Association (MBPTA)
The goal of the Minnesota Building Permit Technicians Association is to provide, promote, and support education, networking, professionalism, certification, and recognition of its membership.

New Jersey Association of Technical Assistants (NJATA)
This association is organized to promote and encourage the exchange of information,education, responsibilities and professionalism of the Technical Assistant to the Construction Official.

North Central Texas Permit Tech Chapter (NCTPTC)
NCTPTC is dedicated to the advancement of the Permit Technician and inspection department support staff in North Central Texas.

Oregon Permit Technicians Association (OPTA)
The Oregon Permit Technicians Association (OPTA) objectives are: To develop and advance professional abilities; To unite the members in the pursuit of excellent customer service; To secure a closer relationship among Permit Technicians; To pursue higher professional and ethical standards; To provide a forum for ideas and information; and To promote continuing education, training and state wide uniformity.

South Carolina Permit Technician Association (SCPTA)
The South Carolina Permit Technician Association is a non-profit organization that was formed to support Permit Technicians by providing training and education for building codes, state license requirements, and other topics relevant to the permit technician profession.

Washington State Association of Permit Technicians (WSAPT)
The Washington State Association of Permit Technicians is a non-profit organization serving Permit Technicians and persons from governmental permitting agencies and related industries. Our organization was formed in the mid 90's for the benefit of sharing information and offering educational opportunities for our members. WSAPT, known formally as (APT) was the first association established for Permit Technicians.

Utah Chapter Permit Tech Committee
The Permit Technician Committee of the Utah Chapter of ICC is dedicated to providing education, networking, professionalism and certification of its members. The Committee will promote the value, quality and integrity of its members to be responsive and accountable to the needs of their communities.

Heart of America Chapter, ICC
The Heart of America Chapter of the International Code Council is a group of building officials, inspectors and other interested parties who endeavor to advance good building practices by the administration and enforcement of a uniform set of codes. The protection of life, safety and health of the public, as well as the protection of property is foremost in our pursuits.

Metropolitan Kansas City Chapter of the International Code Council
The Metropolitan Kansas City Chapter of the International Code Council (formerly the International Conference of Building Officials) was founded in 1966 for the purpose of promoting safety relating to the construction and use of buildings.
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Code Development
International Code Council (ICC)
The International Code Council is a member-focused association dedicated to helping the building safety community and construction industry provide safe, sustainable and affordable construction through the development of codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process. Most U.S. communities and many global markets choose the International Codes.

Washington State Association of Permit Technicians Resource Guide

Training & Education
International Campus Online
The ICC Online Campus is an optional training service for those wishing to practice for an upcoming certification exam, brush up on professional skills, or fulfill continuing education credit for an existing certification.
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