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Kansas City Metro Association of Permit Technicians

Fall Business Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Richmond City Hall
205 Summit St
Richmond, Missouri
Call to Order - 12:34 PM

Roll Call
Terice Watts, P - Present
Misty Nelson, VP - Present
Kristein Reichardt, T - Absent
Tamara Hagerman, S - Present
Amy Barenklau, PP - Absent
Board of Directors
Kim Brennan - Present
Michael Stewart - Present

Approval of the minutes of March 31, 2017 Annual Business Meeting

President's Report
Terice Watts, Arkansas City, KS, discussed the 2018 training and locations for the ABM and fall education. Misty Nelson volunteered JOCO, KS for the spring and Mike Stewart volunteered Independence, MO for the fall trainings. Terice asked anyone with a training topic email them to Tamara Hagerman, Baldwin City, KS.

There was discussion regarding the lack of participation with committees and maybe the sitting president should appoint people to committees and see if the participation goes up. This may need a by-law change and the by-law committee was going to do some research and let the Board know at a later date.

Vice President's Report
Misty Nelson, JOCO, KS concurred with Terice regarding committees and appointing people to them as opposed to waiting on someone to volunteer.

Treasurer's Report
Kristein Reichardt was absent but sent the annual report with the secretary. Sandra Stephens, Higginsville, MO made a motion to approve the report as presented, Misty Nelson, JOCO, KS, seconded, members approved unanimously.

Committee Reports
Tamara Hagerman, Baldwin City discussed the need for member participation on all committees Tiffany Parsons, Winfield, KS volunteered to help.

Education - no report
Website - no report
Bylaws - no report
Nominations - Tamara reminded everyone to think about volunteering for the President, Vice-President and board member positions

Old Business - None

New Business
Terice asked Carole McGuire to stand and be recognized for her contributions
towards the smooth running of the chapter with her willingness to help. Carole will retire
from Gladstone on October 29, 2017 and we as a chapter will be very sad to see her go but know she has earned her retirement. Thank you, Carole!

Laptop - Terice and Tamara had discussed the purchase of a laptop/tablet to
facilitate working with chapter issues. What did the chapter think of this idea? There was
brief discussion on the pros/cons and the pros won.

Sandra Stephens, Higginsville, MO moved and Lisa Hastings, Richmond, MO seconded
a motion to approve the purchase of a laptop to be used for chapter business.
The Motion carried.

Terice asked the chapter members present to introduce themselves to the group.

Announcements and Acknowledgements
Terice Watts, Arkansas City, thanked Lisa Hasting, Richmond, for hosting the meeting today.
Amy also thanked Bill Hudson, Oak Brook, IL for teaching.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Sybille Wilson, Odessa, MO and seconded by
Maggie Glynn, Great Bend, KS and approved unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 12:52pm.

Those in attendance:
Tamara Hagerman City of Baldwin City, Ks
Misty Nelson Johnson County, Ks
Sybille Wilson City of Odessa, Mo
Carole McGuire City of Gladstone, Mo
Lisa Hastings City of Richmond, Mo
Michael Stewart City of Independence, Mo
Kim Brennan City of Lee's Summit, Mo
Terice Watts City of Arkansas City, Ks
Sandi Stephens City of Higginsville, Mo
Cheryl Lamb City of Gladstone, Mo
Ali Rostampour City of Gladstone, Mo
Matthew Rosmatka City of Gladstone, Mo
Maggie Glynn City of Great Bend, Ks
Amy Keister Jackson County, Mo
Marlon Southard Jackson County, Mo
Tara Mitchell Jackson County, Mo
Sheri West City of Manhattan, Ks
Angela Stark Wichita-Sedgwick Co-MABCD
Tiffany Parsons City of Winfield, Ks
Joe Clifford Higginsville, Mo

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