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Chapter Meeting Minutes

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Kansas City Metro Association of Permit Technicians
Annual Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday, March 8, 2018
Johnson County Administration Building
111 S. Cherry St, Olathe, KS

Call to Order - 12:39pm

Roll Call:
Terice Watts: President - Present
Misty Nelson: Vice President - Present
Kristein Reichardt: Treasurer - Present
Tamara Hagerman: Secretary - present
Amy Barenklau: Past President - present

Board of Directors:
Kim Brennan - present
Michael Stewart - present

Approval of the minutes a motion of the September 28, 2017 meeting as submitted by Kim Brennan, Lee's Summit, MO and seconded by Sandy Stephens, Higginsville, MO. Motion was approved.

President's Report - Terice asked if Eirene Knott could be moved from New Business to the beginning of the meeting to present her update on the website, as Eirene was on a time schedule; okayed.
Eirene informed the chapter the ability to accept credit cards was being added to the website and would be available for use shortly. We would be utilizing Paypal and everyone would need to create their own Paypal account to be able to use the system.
Eirene was also looking into adding a system which would allow for a members forum similar to the PT Hotwire we had several years ago. Terice asked if an bulk email/blast email system could also be added and Eirene would look into this also.
Terice asked the chapter to please set up and start joining committees and becoming more involved in the chapter instead of the same few trying to keep everything running. Terice passed around a sign-up sheet for committees with the caveat if you didn't join a committee she would appoint you to one.

Vice President's Report - Misty also recommended the chapter members join a committee

Treasurer Report - Tamara Hagerman gave the annual treasurer report. Amy Barenklau, Lenexa made a motion to approve the report as presented. Kim Brennan, Lee's Summit seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Committee Reports:
Membership - Tamara Hagerman, Baldwin City, KS, stated the membership directory will be updated on the website and she had handouts for the directory and email lists if anyone wanted them.

Education - The annual fall meeting is scheduled for September 2018 and will be in Lee's Summit, MO. Discussion was had on hosting a ICC class to add revenue to the treasury. Tamara Hagerman, Baldwin City suggested Legal Aspects of Code Administration, which is a 2 day class. This is a class that everyone in the code arena benefits from and should generate a lot of interest. Dates to check into were 9/19-9/20(Wed/Thurs) or 9/20-9/21(Thurs/Fri). Wednesdays and Fridays were difficult for some members.

Website - Eirene Knott reported earlier in the meeting

Nominations - Tamara Hagerman, Baldwin City, noted the slate of nominees would be presented later.

Bylaws - Tamara Hagerman, Baldwin City, presented the by-law change to the chapter present. The change is to Article IV Committees, adding a fourth committee Finance and Audit Committee. See attached for details. Kristein Reichardt, Leawood, moved and Kim Brennan, Lee's Summit, seconded a motion to approve the by-law change as presented. Motion carried.

Old Business - None

New Business:
Building Safety Month activities & proclamation. Tamara Hagerman had the proclamation to be approved. Amy Barenklau, Lenexa and Dayna Dyer, WYCO/KCK seconded a motion to approve the signing and forwarding of the BSM proclamation from KCMAPT to ICC. Motion carried.

b. Community Outreach with ICC Chapters. Tamara Hagerman suggested participating
in a H4H project and sending a flyer out at a later date with possible information. David Byl, KC Metro President would like to include his chapter.

c. ICC Nominations for Awards. Tamara Hagerman had a letter of support for Jack Applegate, CBO for one of the following awards: 2018 Gerald H. Jones CBO of the Year, 2018 Raising the Profile or the 2018 ICC Community Service Award. Sandy Stephens, Higginsville, moved and Kim Brennan, Lee's Summit, seconded a motion to forward the letter of recommendation on Jack Applegate to ICC. Motion carried.

d. Nominations - Tamara Hagerman, Baldwin City, presented to the membership the
slate of officers as follows:

Terice Watts, City of Arkansas City, KS for the office of President
Misty Nelson, Johnson County, KS for the office of Vice-President
Maggie Glynn, City of Great Bend, KS for the position of Board of Director-3 year term

With no further nominations Kristein Reichardt, Leawood, KS, moved and Amy Barenklau Lenexa, KS seconded the motion to close the nomination proceedings. The motion carried.

Sandy Stephens, Higginsville, MO moved and Kim Brennan, Lee's Summit, MO seconded a motion to approve the slate of officers as presented. Motion Carried.

The 2018 Officers and Board Members is as follows: Terice Watts, Arkansas City, President; Misty Nelson, JOCO, Vice-President; Maggie Glynn, Great Bend, BOD 3-year term; Kim Brennan, Lee's Summit, BOD; Kristein Reichardt, Leawood, Treasurer; Tamara Hagerman, Baldwin City, Secretary.

Installation of New Officers and Board Members: Tim Schmitz installed the new officers and board members for 2018.

Announcements and Acknowledgements: Thank you to Misty Nelson and Johnson County for hosting the meeting and training today!

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Kim Brennan, Lee's Summit, MO
and seconded by Misty Nelson, JOCO. Members approved unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 1:32pm

Members Present:

Tamara Hagerman City of Baldwin City, Ks
Misty Nelson Johnson County, Ks
Sybille Wilson City of Odessa, Mo
Tammy Vassar City of Gladstone, Mo
Cheryl Lamb City of Gladstone, Mo
Michael Stewart City of Independence, Mo
Kim Brennan City of Lee's Summit, Mo
Terice Watts City of Arkansas City, Ks
Sandi Stephens City of Higginsville, Mo
Marcia Cline City of Olathe, Ks
Lily Piedimonte City of Olathe, Ks
Ali Rostampour City of Gladstone, Mo
Amy Keister Jackson County, Mo
Marlon Southard Jackson County, Mo
Tara Mitchell Jackson County, Mo
Kristen Goessling City of Blue Springs, Mo
Amy Barenklau City of Lenexa, Ks
Dayna Dyer WYCO/KCKS
Anthony Hutchingson WYCO/KCKS
David Byl, Instructor City of Lenexa, KS
Eirene Knott BRR Architecture

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March 8, 2018
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