About Our Committees

Our Committees work together to provide training for the betterment of our members.


Directors or individual members may propose a bylaw change at least 90 days prior to the next scheduled meeting. The proposed change must be sent out to the members in the approved format 60 days prior to the next scheduled meeting. If there are any discussions or changes to be made, those must be presented to the members 20 days prior to the next scheduled meeting for a second reading and final vote. The secretary and treasurer will serve as chair and vice chair of this committee.


Help create a list of education topics to be discussed for consideration. This committee will make sure the following details are completed:

a. Location
b. Meals assign tasks to make sure all are covered
c. Assign staff for set up and tear down
d. The president will be a liaison to this committee.

Finance & Audit Committee

Three active members will be appointed at the ABM Meeting. They will review and present a report to be available to the membership by the second meeting for the same year. The Vice-president will be chair of this committee.


Requests for nominations are presented 60 days prior to the ABM. Nominations can be taken from the floor during the meeting. The past president will serve as chair of this committee.


The Website Committee will maintain and update the website and post relevant information to the website. The committee will send out notices to the membership if directed by the President/Vice President. The committee will also be responsible for updating the “My Chapters” page on the ICC website to be updated after the ABM. The secretary will be liaison of this committee.